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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hey world,

It's me. 

yeah I'm, I'm here now, no no don't get up uh, 

I gotta go, 

I'm not gonna come back this time I don't think. 

But I just thought I'd say good by or something. 

You know it's hard for me to look at you. 

He had your eyes. 

So uh, anyways

 I post here now 

or follow me on fb

I know it was simple before. 

but uh, I mean here we are. 
You should come by. 

Get some rest. It's early still. 


philip vose said...

thanks for the comment and compliment on my blog, Dylan! same to you. your work is super great.

when is CTN? i've never been, but it sounds like fun.

Affirmation Two said...

awwww i miss the blog world. guess its not good for ones health to swim with the dead. will see you on fb dude.

Ayumi Sophia said...

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