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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Two takes of the same scene. Do you have a preference? I like the top one way better but Seo likes the one below, and Dice said something nice about that one too.

Sketchbooks by Marlo
Inspired by a real red wood tree stump at the park boasting a bursting huckleberry bush.
Some redwoods

Hey buddies,
I went to San Diego Comicon a lil while back, and San Francisco for a week after that. Amazing trip. I did lots of drawing and very little photo taking, kind of by accident. I have tons of stuff to post from the trip. Story by story I'll lay dat shit out yo.

Golden Gate park is a really beautiful place. These paintings are specifically from the San Francisco Botanical Garden. I'm told its always foggy there. There are so many awe inspiring plants there, leaves the size of my head, a vast variety of flowers and some great climbing trees. Its not to busy either. I went on a weekday though.

Everyone should go. And then sneak into the Japanese Tea Garden strategically and try not to get a hole in your pants from the old barbs.


Ian MacDonald said...

awesome stuff man. I would say the top one is the best imo. The design of the second tree is pretty sweet, but the top has a better mood depth I find.

Noam Sussman said...

hey man nice trees, i feel like the top one is sadder, while the 2nd one is happier, in terms of shapes and technique. the rounded edge is also appealing. theyre both good though, just different. i like the tiny bench with the giant redwoods, i often get morning red wood, thats when i stroke it too much in my sleep. um keep up the awesome work son :)

Owlu said...

To me the top one definately has more of a mood to it and the second one is more visually interesting. Very interesting outcomes of the same thing. :)

Dylan said...

thanks for the thoughts thugs.

Seo Kim said...

The redwoods are quite nice.