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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Power of Kathryn Compels Me

If there is only one thing I know in this life, its that Kathryn loves cute doodles involving any combination of bees, rainbows, puppies and Paris. With that said here is a bunch of stuff I was reluctant to post since its so embarrassingly cute, I felt if I posted them all at the same time it would somehow not be so bad.

I made Kathryn this little "film" for her birthday this year.
Fats Squish

"Third Year"

"Honey Please"


Ian MacDonald said...

daaaw. I just threw up a bit.

That said, awesome man. I really like the animation too.

One thing- the last frame is really nicely painted, but I think it could be held for a little longer, and I find the object behind you guys is kind of unclear. Maybe if you separate the background more? Is it a log or something? Still, awesome yo.

Katie said...

Dawwwwww you guys.

Yeah I definitely agree with Ian, because the whole atmosphere of the painting is so different from the rest of the films colours,etc. Maybe hold it a little longer?

THAT being said, amazing stuff, I love how you can gracefully charicature anyone as anything.

Dylan said...

thanks for the comments i am going to re export the film super soon!