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Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Power of Kathryn Compels Me

If there is only one thing I know in this life, its that Kathryn loves cute doodles involving any combination of bees, rainbows, puppies and Paris. With that said here is a bunch of stuff I was reluctant to post since its so embarrassingly cute, I felt if I posted them all at the same time it would somehow not be so bad.

I made Kathryn this little "film" for her birthday this year.
Fats Squish

"Third Year"

"Honey Please"

Maya Angelou wip

Saturday, October 16, 2010

miscellaneous stuff

An old sketchoholic entry, "Mr Potato as something else"

Ian at the Ubisoft presentation a few weeks ago held by Jade.


Evee did a presentation on Beast and the Monster Archetype inspiring this fan sketch.


A couple of takes at my peer and inspiration Omar.
My Lovely aunt and uncle.
I surprised my dad and his identical twin with this drawing for thanksgiving, its noteworthy that they are Irish immigrant gingers, its kind of the springboard for the whole drawing

Lone Road

Japlein Aire

these little ones were drawn while climbing mount Ga-san (sp?)I'm sure Ian will correct me.