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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I just came back from an amazing trip to Japan with Ian, Ricky and Caroline. Here are a few subway sketches and a memory sketch from the plane ride of me trying to startle a stirring ian. (The one where I'm basically a red faced demon and semi concious Ian looks like some sort of pale yuki[snow?] ghost) Anyhow theres more to come including pictures!

I drew these on the plane ride to Japan. They're based on me, Caroline, Ricky and Ian's passport photos. I'm supposed to be a cambodian tiger poacher.

*Edit: I changed the compilation picture to a higher res version so check it out full size, the characters shouldn't be tiny anymore.


jesse winchester schmidt said...

Awesome sketches!

Gabby Zapata said...

haha I wish passport photos were as awesome as this :)

kathryn durst said...

ahhhhh so funny. i love ricky's passport photo.

also, the first drawing in your post should be a bit bigger, its hard to see detailz

Dylan said...

Thanks Jesse,

Gabby, if only you could see all these passport photos, my drawings are barely exaggerated.

Kathryn, I fixed it :) thanks for the tip.