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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sketching with Ian

Went over to Ian's a couple days ago and did some spontaneous theme sketches, the themes here were tiger and space, Ian should be posting some soon so check out his blog!


sussman said...

like i said i like the tiger, i think there could be a better separation of the roof from the ground level. maybe by showing a part of the side of the house? not sure. and i think the woman could be placed in a better spot. i definitely like whats happening with his face though..sick shit. paint 'er, sonny boy

Skim said...

you should have done "tiger in space"!


Scott Forbes said...

that second one is incredible! very nice work

Dylan said...

Noam, thanks, totally agree with you , i might paint this digitally and i'll make those corrections!

seo, Future post?

scott, thanks!