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Friday, May 21, 2010


Bigmac said...

lol skinny pete is amazing! You should post up your jesse and walt ones you showed me too man.

The bike pics turned out sweet man! Clear to me whats goin on too.

Bigmac said...

I also just realized that skinny pete is basically Ren. lmao!

Adam Temple said...

I really like how your blog is looking these days Dylan! Nice work!

Wesley Blondin said...

Dylan, your stuff is wicked, your progress blows me away.
I miss your fuzzy face.

You know my dylan post?






Dylan said...

thanks kind people!
ian, can't find the other sketches!

adam, thank you

wes, see comment i just wrote on your page

Spencer Duffy said...

Do you watch breaking bad?
The top right looks like jesse pinkmans dead girlfriend :O

Dylan said...

you guessed it spencer!

Aaron said...

I like the thing with the bike.