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Friday, November 27, 2009

mostly coloured stuff!

painting/sketches from life

costumed life drawings
the birdcage

highly marlo inspired


Nicole Kozak said...



Did you show me the bijan one before ? i got dejavu.

amazing <3

el said...

Goddamnit Dylan these are awesome.
I love the hairy gross guy. Marlo and Anne inspired?

And the girl with the puffy nose has a wonderful and fleeting ephemeral lighting to it.

Nic said...

Lmao at Bijan. That's priceless.

Heidi's is so cute! I feel like we should put a collection together. I think we've all charicatured her. She's just so animated!

Dylan said...

thanks for the comments everyone, the hairy gross guy is totally inspired by them

Katie said...

Ahh, Mark and Heidi are awesome. Especially heidi,the colours are perfect. All of them are fantastic, and yeah, that one of bijan looks familiar but no less impressive. Very rad, as always.

sussman said...

good shit, i saw most of these already except the yellow painting, which i loike, i like how vibrant it is, it makes my eyes yellow. draw more furries and fantastical testicle creatures. caricature people as feces. um itd be cool to see you experiment with ink, snorting it should be good.