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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ISCA convention!


Best buddy, rising star Klaas Op de Beeck, is the subject of my favorite painting from the con. Though the painting isn't a technical marvel, I feel it was my best attempt at capturing the subject.

I found one! but she wouldn't tell me where the others are.

Man if only everyone were as good a sport as Theresa Farrington

My super serious concept art of Lar.

a short series of sketches from my new pal Marlo Meekins

Look closely, Klaas is in this one too.( smoke)

An awesome painting I got from the amazing Anne Bush!

dead on likeness by Aaron Philby


sussman said...

dear dylan,
these are fucking great. those people look fun to draw.
can you draw me as dried up semen on a keyboard? thank you sir

Klaas Op De Beéck said...

Thanks for the friendship Dylan, we had an awesome time!

Brian Oakes said...

Beautiful work, I loved them all!

jert said...

Awesome drawings Dylan...loved sitting next to your wall

Bobby Chiu said...

Sweeeet work Dylan!

Nicole Kozak said...

DYLAN these are soooo awesome! good stuff!

also - please draw noam as per his request. i would really like to laugh at the result.


p.s. the word verification is:

'undrese' . . . sounds pervy.

Dylan said...

noam- I'm getting some ideas about how i might approach that.

klass- yeah it was a awesome trip! come to cripple con!

brian- thanks so much i really appreciate it

jert- too kind

bobby- thanks for stopping by, glad you like it


Braden said...

Hi Dylan,

Cool caricatures, I really liked the 2nd one down (watercolour/goauche ish one of the lanky dude) and definitely prefer your loose painterly style.

Klaas Op De Beéck said...

damn I would like to, but I can't afford a second con this year...

Adam Temple said...

Those were sick dude! I love the environments on those people, so cool.

Amok said...

some awesome work this year, man, i wish i had come!